Girl In A Bookstore Lyrics | Anupam Roy

 Girl In A Bookstore Lyrics | Anupam Roy

Song Girl In A Bookstore

Singer: Anupam Roy

Languge: Bengali

 Girl In A Bookstore Lyrics in English 

Girl in a bookstore,
What’s she reading ?
Can’t be so sure!
Checking up my playlist
Will she like it if I
Play her some bright songs ? (x2)

Maybe I’m wrong
She might be loving all the sad songs
The way that she smiles
Maybe I’ll sing a broken heart song
Did I say too much ?

Girl in a bookstore,
Lucky fingers, Turning pages
Where’s she gone now?
She could be hiding in the
Poetry section

That look in her eyes
What is her story I wonder
What if she leaves ?
Tell me, Oh! How do I find her ?
Did I speak too soon ?

Even if she doesn’t care
I’m gonna write to her anyway
Even is she doesn’t bother
I’m gonna sing this song anyway
How can I forget her ?
How can I forget her ?
Get her ? (x2)

Song  Name :
 Girl In A Bookstore
Singer Name :      
Anupam Roy
Lyrics Written by :                 
Anupam Roy                       
Directed By : Somdeb Sengupta
Production:  A BeardBoy Films

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